I believe food connects us in profound ways. It is the focal point of families, communities and cultures, and it’s as much about emotion and pleasure as it is about health and nutrition.

I’m constantly investigating agricultural diversity (and deliciousness!) from seed to crop, drawing my inspiration from the world’s rich culinary traditions, to the latest growing techniques, to the biosphere itself. I’m driven to grow a better future where - not only everyone can eat - but everyone can eat well!

We all have dreams. After studying Design and Sustainability at OCAD University, I dreamt of replacing inefficient supply chains with direct farming - making where people live the same as where people grow food -  from the city, to the most remote islands and arctic communities. I’ve built a deep knowledge of plant varieties, and I live to tell those stories by creative means, excited by the inexorable feeling that there is still so much to discover.

I’ve since learned how to get things done, putting my background in agro-ecology and design to work by helping small urban farming startups get off the ground and running. As a leader, I value ideas, I value communication, and I value teamwork.

I’m determined to make a difference. Are you?

Call me a caring grower. Call me a visual storyteller. Call me a fresh designer. Those are just boxes. I strive for my skill set to be as diverse as the food I research, photograph and grow, by letting my intellectual curiosity guide me on my journey, and I expect those whom I lead on any project to do exactly the same.

Whether local or global, I would love to connect, collaborate and consult with anyone interested in culinary diversity or sustainability: Farmers, food researchers, chefs, and on the media side, producers and editors who want to showcase the world through food with an eye to the future. And of course, I’m always happy to connect with a genuine human being who, like me, loves to explore their edible surroundings.

So tell me, what makes you grow?

Drop me an email at create@lauraheadley.ca